Miranda Arieh is an award-winning Mental Health Coach, Public Speaker and teacher of Self-Compassion from Leeds, UK.

Aside from regular BBC Radio airtime as a specialist guest, this past 2 years has seen Miranda feature on BBC’s The One Show, BBC News, Look North, ITV News, BBC Politics Show and Channel 4; sharing her expertise on the topics of both mental health and women’s safety.


I’m happy you’re here.

Sometimes I hear people tell me that they’re not sure if they’re ready for change. But if you’re here, we can affirm that you are.

Regardless of your background, your conditioning, age, life circumstance or even past trauma – we ALL have the power to grow, develop and re-condition our minds in new ways. Even with behaviours or ways of working that we have been used to for a long time. This may feel hard for you to believe, but YOU are not a product of your life events, past experiences, labels or habits. These do not define who you are as a person. Our cells are scientifically proven to be permanently renewing, growing and changing, so please always keep an open mind to the potential of what is actually possible.

How do I know? Because I’ve been there, where you are, acknowledging I desired change. Being ready to learn, ready to suffer less…

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Miranda makes front page of The Yorkshire Evening Post for world Mental Health Day

New Coaching Course Announcement!

‘Higher Love: The Power Of Self Compassion’- Level one course. Find out more about this one day face to face course at the bottom of Miranda’s Services page here

“It is more important than ever right now that we come together consciously, while we are apart in distance. We rise up and come together to share as much compassion as possible- for ourselves and each other. We do this as darkness simply cannot survive in presence of LIGHT.”- Miranda on BBC Radio this month

You can hear excerpt on ‘how to support a loved one who is suffering’ from Miranda’s most recent BBC interview here

Miranda’s most recent BBC Radio Feature “5 Top Tips for Good Mental Health” is now up here

“Do not perceive yourself in different lights. Know yourself in the One Light where the miracle that is you is perfectly clear”- A Course In Miracles

Front Page Feature for The Yorkshire Evening Post! – I was thrilled to be on the front page cover of The Yorkshire Evening Post for their World Mental Health Day issue! Was an honour to share my story and my teachings for such an important issue. View the article on my press page!

Full article on my press page

Public Speaking for Leeds Festival of Kindness, Compassion and Wellbeing – It was a delight to attend the #KindEx conference at Leeds Civic Hall this month and give a talk on ‘The Power of Self Compassion’. I adored every moment, connecting with such inspiring people flooding kindness throughout our local community and beyond!

HEROES Programme Rollout – In my role with the NHS, I have now started to roll out my courses for patients from across 13 GP practices in Leeds. I tailor-made these courses built on a foundation of self compassion and mindfulness, and outcomes have been phenomenal so far, exceeding that of NHS Psychotherapy. (Source PHQ-9/NHS Mood Checker)

It is a joy to bring essence of spiritual teachings I know and love into the mainstream mental health system, because I know that this is what works for recovery. Learning to not create an identity for ourselves out of our past pain or mental health diagnoses. Flooding past pain with presence. Coaching people to recognise that inner peace is already within them, as it is in you.. right now.