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“Recovery is always possible. It all starts with self-compassion.”

Miranda Arieh is an award-winning mental health coach, public speaker, and activist.

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Hello! I want to get real with you. The fact is mental health is nothing to be ashamed of, and neither are our stories. So, here’s mine…

I’m an award-winning mental health activist, public speaker and spiritual coach from Leeds, UK. From my own experiences of going through the mental health system, I gained a passion, unique insight and drive to change the way mental health services are developed and run.

Following a lengthy stay in an adolescent psychiatric unit at 14 years old, I learned first-hand, how cold the medical model of mental health treatment can be and set out to learn a better way to alleviate my suffering. I went on course after course, ate up books of spiritual teachers, and decided to dedicate my life to transforming my attitudes, trigger reactions and life-long patterns. Sure enough, I started to recognize that all the triggers I felt were an opportunity for spiritual growth and I began to enjoy the process of learning. Of getting to know myself, befriend myself, hold myself…

Even though I knew personal transformation was paramount, I also felt let down by a mental health system where many patients were set up to fail. A system that is not recovery-focused; a system that puts ‘managing symptoms’ above healing. An in-built culture of ‘survive’ not ‘thrive’, awash with a river of stigma flooding through the system. So, I decided to go take a look from the inside.

After over a decade of finding my feet securing roles at some of the leading mental health charities, including Mind, Community Links and Time To Change, I started to be invited to share my story up and down the country at mental health conferences, awareness-raising events, on the radio and television. In my guise as a singer-songwriter, I started to speak out about mental health at all my shows and realized how much joy it gave me to motivate others and give them the message of hope. The message that emotional recovery is always possible. 

I was humbled to be named ‘Social Impact Star’ at The Inspiring Women Changemakers Awards. This affirmed the power in sharing a story of taking pain and making it into purpose. I like to encourage everyone to do the same. We all have a story…

Now, working as Network Mental Health Lead for the NHS BHR Primary Care Network in my hometown, I’m piloting my HEROES (Healing, Education and Recovery Of Emotional Strength) Peer Support Programme. This is a set of courses, workshops and groups that I have designed from scratch for patients from some of the most deprived areas in Leeds to join. 

I adore to offer private 1:1 coaching sessions, guiding people on their journey and holding a safe space for them to express themselves fully without fear of judgement. I offer pro-active coaching, centred with emotional recovery. I believe in you, until you are able to 🙂 Alongside guiding through words, I can also offer trauma release and inner child work, where requested. I am a women’s emotional recovery specialist.

The foundation of all the work that I do has self-compassion at the core as a ‘bridge’ to practising presence, and being able to live in the present moment. Practising presence is the essence of inner peace. You may even start to realise that the present moment is, in fact, all that really exists… 

I love to work with guiding self-compassion, knowing the remarkably transformative effect this can have on our healing. In fact, I believe it is vital. If we can truly learn to be kind to ourselves in all that we do, then things start to fall into place. This is why all my work concentrates on my clients building their relationships with their true selves, creating a healthy attitude within them, supporting them in all that they do.

The most important relationship you will ever have in your life is the one you have with your self…

Let’s make it a great one 🙂